Activated Carbon Disc Lenticular Filter Cartridge

Utter’s lenticular filter cartridge is available with activated carbon material stacked disc. It has a high adsorption capacity, achieved through a high content of particularity highly activated carbon. It can be used for the de-coloration of fruit juice and liquid sugar.



  • High adsorption power for decolorizing and aroma correcting
  • Complex fiber and cavity structure with a large interior surface for a widest possible range of applications and operating conditions
  • Easy to use and allow dust-free handling


  • Beer, wine, fruit juice, fruit wine
  • Fine chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Decolorizing of chemical and oil
  • Filtering of glucose, enzyme, vitamin and antibiotic solutions
  • Treating of cosmetics
  • Taste and color correcting of beverages, spirits, and fruit juices

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