Pleated Filter Cartridge For Condensate Water Filtration

Utter’s MF Series pleated filter cartridges are manufactured to fit exact standards and are used in most demanding industrial applications. This filter is manufactured in a wide range of length options and micron ratings. Its media has a fixed pore construction of high quality fibers while providing combination of surface and depth filtration. Due to use of premium quality filter fabrics, this pleated filter cartridges has superior flowcharacteristics with a very low pressure drop compared to depth media of similar micron ratings. This filters large surface area, increased dirt holding capacity, and innovative design provide a long service life, allowing you to reduce the number of cartridges used. Your advantage is a smaller filter vessel, less footprint and lower capital investments.



• Large filter area and depth filtration provides a long lifetime of pleated filter cartridge
• Low cost because of large filter area and reduces labor costs to change
  • Power Plant & Utilities
  • Oil exploitation
  • Chemical
  • Mine exploitation

[ OD ]:Ø 64mm,Ø 66mm,Ø 69mm [ ID ]:Ø 28mm
[ Length ]:30 ”,40 ”



[ Media ]:PP,PET, Glass Fiber
[ End Cap Material ]: PP , ABS
[ Center Core ]: PP, ABS
[ Netting ]: PE
[ Sealing ]:Silicone,EPDM,NBR,Viton
[ End Cap Types ]:DOE,222/Flat End
Performance Operating Pressure and temperature:

The pleated cartridge construction will withstand differentia
Pressures up to 60 PSI(4Bar) at ambient temperature
The optimum changeout differential pressure is 35psi(2.5Bar) up to 52°C
Service condition:
500KPa(5Bar)by 20°C 300KPa(3Bar)by 65°C
Code OD Filter Media Length Removal Rating Configuration
MF 64 = 64mm 66 = 66mm
69 = 69mm
G = PP
S = Glass Fiber
30 = 30” (762mm)
40 = 40″   (1016mm)
1 = 1μm
2 = 2μm
5 = 5μm
10 = 10μm
20 = 20μm
50 = 50μm
M = 222/flat