Liquid Filter Bags

Utter supplies filter bags in various materials which come in a wide assortment of collars and top rings that ensure general compatibility with most commercial bag filter housings in the market.



  • All standard sizes are available with different top rings to offer you the proper filter bag to adapt with existing filter housings
  • Ratings from 1 to 1000 micron and different filter media suitable to your  application
  • Bag handles are optional with no additional cost
  • Multi-layered filter bags are available
  • Customized bags are available


Electronics, food & beverage, petrochemical process, chemicals, paints & coatings, pre RO, waste water treatment, oil refinery

Filter Media Polypropylene Felt, Polyester Felt,
PTFE Felt, Nylon Multifilament,
Polypropylene Mesh, Polyester Mesh, Nylon Mesh
Micron Rating 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, 800, 1000μm
Top Ring Style FSI, Hayward, X100, SUS Snap Ring, other customized styles
Top Ring Material Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Polyester, Zinc-pleated, Tie-on Bag
Type of Bottom Round, Tine
Seam Welded, Sewn
Size Size 1: φ7“x16.5″ 2.3ft² 90GPM
Size 2: φ7“x32″ 4.7ft² 200GPM
Size 3: φ4“x9″ 0.7ft² 25GPM
Size 4: φ4“x15″ 1.2ft² 45GPM
other customized sizes on request

Operation Data

Filter Media Polyester Polypropylene Nylon PTFE
Abrasion & Flex Good Good Excellent Poor
Weak Acid Good Excellent Fair Excellent
Strong Acid Good Excellent Poor Excellent
Weak Alkali Good Excellent Excellent Excellent
Strong Alkali Poor Excellent Excellent Excellent
Solvents Good Fair Good Excellent
Max. Operating Temp. 160℃(320℉) 70℃(160℉) 150℃(300℉) 260℃(500℉)



Type Top Ring Stype Micron Rating Filter Media Option
B1 – Size 1
B2 – Size 2
B3 – Size 3
B4 Size 4
P – Polypropylene
E – Polyester
S – SUS304
Z- Zinc Plated Steel
T – Tie-on Bag
1 – 1μm
5 – 5μm
10 – 10μm
20 – 20μm
30 – 30μm
100 – 100μm
1000 – 1000μm
P – Polypropylene
E – Polyester
NMO – Nylon
W – Welded
S – Sewn
D – Double Layers
other customized types