High Flow Filter Cartridges for Parker Replacement

UPK Series are for Paker high flow filter cartridge replacement, including Megaflow and Fulflo series. UPK series high flow filter cartridge includes two types of end caps: single o-ring & double o-ring. With optimized hard outer cage, UPK series are able to deliver better filtration performance under high pressure condition



  • Large water flow capacity in one filter element, up to 113 m³/h
  • High dirt loading capacity for long service life and superior retention efficiency
  • Require fewer change out and less maintenance
  • Broad chemical compatibility is ideal for chemical applications requiring high purity
  • Convenient handle for easy manual and installation. No loose parts to assemble thus less labor costs
  • Free of binders, additives and lubricants


Pre RO/DI, cooling water, chemicals, petrochemical, electronics, food & beverage

Filter Media Polypropylene/Glass Fiber
Micro Rating 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 70μm
O-ring Silicone, EPDM, Viton, Teflon
Core Polypropylene
Filter Support Polypropylene
End Cap Polypropylene
Cage Polypropylene
Outer Diameter 6″ (152mm)
Length 40” & 60“
Max.Operating Temp. 70℃(160℉)
Max.Differential Pressure 3.4bar(50psi) at 20℃(68℉)
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure 2.4bar(35psi)
Type Micron Rating Filter Media Nominal Length O-ring Option
UPK 1 – 1μm
3 – 3μm
5- 5μm
10 -10μm
20 -20μm
30 -30μm
40 -40μm
70 -70μm
G – Polypropylene
S – Glass Fiber
20 – 20″
40 – 40″
60 – 60″
S – Silicone
V – Viton
W – Teflon encapsulated Viton