High Flow Filter Cartridge For Pentair Aqualine Replacement

Utter’s UPA Series filter cartridge is a new lunched product developed by us. It is the perfect replacement option for Pentair aqualine high flow filter elements. It has 6.7inch large diameter, single open-ended with an outside to inside flow pattern. It offers a high flow rate solution with quick changes to the cartridge filters to deliver an affordable first off cost for advanced water filtration systems including industrial and commercial osmosis type water or sea water filtration and treatment systems.



  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • All materials are FDA compliance
  • High dirt holding capacity, longer service life
  • 25 times more square feet of media than used in standard 10inch pleated cartridges


  • Sea water desalination pre-filtration, power plant water treatment, condensate water filtration, cooling water filtration

Flow Rate Chart

[ OD ]:6.75inch(Ø172mm)
[ ID ]:2.99inch(Ø 76mm)
[ Length ]:40″(1016mm)     60”(1589mm)



[ Media ]:Polypropylene
[ Support ]:Polypropylene
[ End Cap Material ]:Polypropylene
[ Sealing ]:Buna
Performance [ Max. Operating temperature ]:82℃

[ Max. Operating DP ]:35Psid

Type Micron Rating Filter Media Nominal Length O-ring Option
UPA 1 – 1μm
3 – 3μm
5- 5μm
10 -10μm
20 -20μm
30 -30μm
40 -40μm
70 -70μm
G – Polypropylene

S – Glass Fiber

20 – 20″

40 – 40″
60 – 60″

B – Buna-N
V – Viton