Bag Type High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges

Utter Bag type high flow filter cartridges are made of pleated polypropylene depth media and designed in inside-out flow direction which is correspondent with bag filter. The cartridges satisfy processes requiring high purity and possess high flow rate and long service life. Innovative push-in flanges enable quick and convenient replacement into most commercial bag filter housings. With advantages of big flowrate and high purity, fewer change outs and lower maintenance cost are required.



  • Convertible into most commercial bag filter housings, providing cost-saving options without hardware change
  • High surface area design provides high flow capacity and longer service life
  • Innovative push-in flanges enable quick and convenient change outs
  • Inside-out flow effectively traps contaminants inside the elements
  • Manufactured by advanced thermal welding techniques, cartridges are free of binders and additives


Pre RO/DI, cooling water, chemicals, petrochemical, electronics, food & beverages

Filter Media Polypropylene/Glass Fiber
Micro Rating 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40μm
O-ring EPDM, Viton, Teflon
Core Polypropylene
Filter Support Polypropylene
End Cap Polypropylene
Cage Polypropylene
Outer Diameter 6″ (152mm)
Length #1 & #2 size
Max.Operating Temp. 70℃(160℉)
Max.Differential Pressure 3.4bar(50psi) at 20℃(68℉)
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure 2.4bar(35psi)
Type Micron Rating Filter Media Nominal Length O-ring Option
UBG 1 – 1μm
3 – 3μm
5- 5μm
10 -10μm
20 -20μm
30 -30μm
40 -40μm
70 -70μm
P – Polypropylene
GF – Glass Fiber
1 – size 1 bag
2 – size 2 bag
V – Viton