Backwashable Pleated Filter Cartridge

Utter’s backwashable pleated filter cartridges are used in power plant applications. It is designed especially for power plant condensed water filtration and is made of polypropylene. Its pleated design has an increased filtration area and wide chemical compatibility. It provides surface filtration to ensure partical removal and effective backwash and can be installed into exsisting housings.



• Complete Polypropylene Structure
• Wide Chemical compatibility
• Pleated design increased the filtration area
• Backwash design
• Resin pre-coat can be done before filtration
• Surface filtration to ensure the particle removal and effective backwash
• Length up to 70inch (1778mm), suitable for high flow/high contaminant applications
• Directly installed into existed housings, no need for any changes
  • Power plant condensed water filtration
[ OD ]:Ø 66mm  ,Ø 69mm
[ Length ]:60 ”(1524mm),70 ”(1778mm)



[ Media ]:Polypropylene(PP)
[ Support/Drainage ]: Polypropylene(PP)
[ Connection Type ]: Thread
Performance [ Max. Operating temperature ]:82℃

[ Max. Operating DP ]:2.8bar@65℃

Code OD Length Removal Rating Configuration
SF 66 = 66mm
69 = 69mm
60 = 60” (1524mm)
70 = 70″   (1778mm)
1 = 1μm
5 = 5μm
10 = 10μm
T = Thread
P = 222